Prof. Dr. Mohamed EL-Shimy M. Bekhet

Teaching & other Activities

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University Teaching activities


A) Undergraduate Courses:

1. EPM 431: Power system analysis II, 4th year electrical power.

2. EPM 332: Power system analysis I, 3rd year electrical power.

3. Power system planning, 4th year electrical power.

4. EPM 333: Economic operation of electric power system, 3rd year electrical power.

5. Electric power transmission, 3rd year electrical power.

6. Technical report writing, 1st year electrical.

7. Several graduation projects.

A. Design of electrical distribution system 2004 (with Prof. M EL-Sharkawy)

B. Electrical distribution system design 2005 (with Prof. M Abd All)

C. Customer interruption cost calculation in electrical distribution systems 2006 (with Prof. M Abd All)

D. Customer interruption cost calculation in electrical distribution systems 2007 (with Prof. M Abd All)

E. Electric Load Signature 2008 (with Prof. M Abd All)

        8. Various Labs.


B) Postgraduate Courses (Diploma, M.Sc., and Ph.D):

1. Power system control.

2. Power system operation.

3. Power system planning.

4. Several diploma projects

5. Various Labs.


C) Research Supervisions:

Supervisor of several M.Sc. students.

Several diploma projects (Load signature, power system monitoring …)


                                                           Other Activities

1.      Teaching several undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

2.      Supervisor of several postgraduate studies.

3.      Writing several lecture notes for undergraduate students.

4.      Writing and presenting numerous training courses in the field of electric/industrial engineering for local and international training centers.

5.      Collaboration with several international training centers in the field of technical and industrial training.

6.      Participation in a HEEPF project entitled, "MATLAB/SIMULINK package to enhance power system education courses"

7.      Participation in many consultancy works with the Engineering consultancy Center, Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University.

8.      Participation in specifying the requirements of enhancing the supply reliability and upgrading Labs in Ain Shams Uni. - Faculty of Engineering.

9.      Supervision of installing generating equipment in a new military Site.

10.    Specifying the specifications and supervision of installing an integrated sound system for a chemistry laboratory in Ain Shams Uni. - Faculty of Engineering.

11.    Participation in several works with the purchases department in Ain Shams Uni. - Faculty of Engineering (technical specifications, financial estimates, and commissioning).

12.    Participation in several consultancy works.

13.    Participation in the university-level Quality Assurance and Accreditation Program (QAAP). [Electrical power programme: programme/course specs, reports, and workshops]

14.    Participation in construction and upgrading the "Curriculum Plan for Undergraduate Program 2008-2013" for the Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University.

15.    Participation in the university-level Continuous Improvement and Qualifying Accreditation Program (CIQAP) project.

16.    Construction of several laboratory experiments for undergraduate and postgraduate labs.

17.    Participation in the “Continuous Assessment of Education Effectiveness” committee, 2008.

18.    Participation in preparing the Islamic Bank Prize files, 2008/2009.

19.    Coordinator of the Faculty Research Capacity issues, 2009.

20.    Participation in and coordination of the Faculty Library Improvement committee, 2009.

21.    Participation in establishing the Faculty Management Information System (MIS) Unit, 2009.

22.    Manager of the Management Information System (MIS) unit in the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, 2009.

23.    Coordinator in the faculty intellectual property commercialization (IPR) scan, 2009.

24. Active membership in many professional associations, communities, and groups.

Membership of Professional Associations, Communities, and Scientific Groups


        Egyptian Engineers Association (EEA) – Member


        Egyptian Wind Energy Association (EGWEA) - Board Member


        African Wind Energy Association (AfriWEA) – Member


        World Energy Council (WEC) – Member


       IEEE Member

        Linked in


o   Challenges in Electric Power & Energy Systems Group (owner)

o   Electrical Power Generation Professionals Group

o   Electrical Power Systems & Machines

o   Green Group

o   Energy industry expertise

o   Renewable Energy Network

o   Wind Energy Professionals


In addition to active membership in many Social and other networks and groups.