Prof. Dr. Mohamed EL-Shimy M. Bekhet

Training Modules Offer

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Target Audiences

  • Electrical Engineer / Supervisor,
  • Instrument Engineer / Supervisor
  • Professional power system Engineers, and
  • Plant Maintenance / Operators / Supervisor / Superintendent.
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Technical staff employees


  • Supplementary Text: English
  • Presentations: English
  • Oral explanations: English/Arabic

Sample List



  • Abstract, layout, and description of the courses are available upon request  
  • A course duration is at least 5-days and at most 2-weeks. This is depend on the required depth of analysis.

Generation Modules

1)         Emergency Generation Systems: Design, Protection, and Controls

2)         Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): Operation and Maintenance

3)         Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS): Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

4)         Batteries & UPS: Design, Operation, and Troubleshooting

5)         Reactive Power Generation and Voltage Control

6)         Operating Strategies for the Competitive Power Industry

7)         Power Generation Operation and Control

8)         Wind Power Generation

9)         Renewable Generating Resource

10)    Fuel Cells


Transmission and Distribution Modules

1)        Power Distribution Planning

2)        Electric Power Distribution System Standard Design and Operation

3)        Power System Quality, Earthing and Bonding

4)        Electrical Earthing Systems

5)        Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment and Control Systems

6)        Power System Testing, Commissioning & Start Up

7)        Modern Maintenance of Electrical Distribution Systems

8)        Distribution Overhead Lines

9)        Power Flow Analysis

10)    Power System Stability & Dynamics

11)    High Voltage Substation Design & Testing

12)    Transmission System Engineering

13)    Monitoring Power Quality and Solving Problems

14)    Power Substation Safety

15)    Utility Capacitor  Applications and Concerns

16)    Design, Testing And Maintenance of Industrial Substations

17)    Electrical Load Forecasting

18)     Power Distribution Reliability

19)    Fault Analysis

20)    Static VAR Compensators

21)    Static VAR Systems (FACTS)

22)    Electrical Safety


1)      Electrical Loads Characteristics and Modeling

2)      Voltage Control and Stability

3)      Load Signature Analysis


Machines and Control

4)      Motor Control Circuits and Systems

5)      Instrumentations and Measurements

6)      Power and Distribution Transformers

7)      Electric Traction

Multi Discipline Modules

1)        Industrial Safety

2)        Engineering Drawing and Symbology

3)        Power System Reliability

4)        Power System Stability – Advanced

5)        Engineering Economics

6)        Integrated Resource Planning

7)        Energy Saving & Management

8)         Automatic Control Systems

Special Modules (for graduates and undergraduates students)

1)      Matlab Applications in Power System Analysis

2)      SimPowerSystems Toolbox (simulink based power system modeling and simulation)

3)      Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP)

3)      Power system optimal operation based on MATPOWER package


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